TexLand Grid

TexLand is a 3d Virtual World Grid.  We are a clothing optional community and if you are into sun, fun, boating, sailing, nudism, and meeting cool interesting people from around the world then please visit.  TexLand Grid has public beach areas, several bars and clubs, and a large freebie Shopping Mall.  Everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy these public facilities.  We also have limited free virtual land and virtual apartments available on a first come first served basis.  Please contact Travis Longhorn for information about TexLand Grid.

TexLand Grid is based on OpenSimulator  software which allows the creation of immersive 3d Virtual Worlds.  Want the perfect tropical island – create it.  Want to live in space – do it.  Want to live underwater – create that world.  Want to role play?  Experience what Ancient Rome was like – be a gladiator.  Go Zombie.  It’s up to you.

IMO your computer must meet certain minimum requirements to run the viewer software – do not attempt this with low end or ancient computers.  And you run it at your own risk. TexLand Grid and it’s owner assume no responsibility for anything experienced by you in TexLand Grid or out. You must be over 18 years old to visit TexLand Grid.  You must use an adult full size avatar.  You must agree to the TexLand Grid Notecard and the provisions in it before you continue your visit there.  No exceptions.

How to experience TexLand Grid:

Create an account and basic avatar here – OSGrid

Download and Install Viewer Software here – http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/

Once you key in your Avatar Name and Password and pick the grid you want to visit.  You begin the login process.  You end up at your home Grids Main Landing area.  Do a “Map” search for TexLand Grid – http://texland.no-ip.biz:8002 and double click on it.  You can also find TexLand Grid on the Opensimworld website.

Opensimworld – http://opensimworld.com/   Search for ‘TexLand’.

TexLand E-Mail:  tincup1824@gmail.com

A new “World” awaits you where warm tropical breezes, friendly people, and endless sunsets abound…

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